Hummingbird Birth Company

Doula and Childbirth Educator

While trying to find a doula, it is hard to just look at a profile and a photo to get the real feel of a person. But I usually go by my gut with things and I was impressed with Rebecca's profile and felt right about contacting her. After one video call, I felt a good connection with her and felt like her openness to help support me in what I wanted out of a birth was very apparent. She had a calming demeanor to me and one that would be guiding and kind in the time of need. My birthing hopes/ideal birth was to do a natural birth, so Rebecca became a pertinent piece in my husband and my ability to fulfill those wishes. She gave me realistic expectations and also guided me with calming affirmations and reminders of how to breath and open up. She switched off with my husband pushing on pressure points that relieved a lot of the back pain and would encourage him with things that might help me even more. If we didn't have Rebecca, I think both of us would have buckled in the pressure of the 3 hours of hard pushing/labor. Thank you Rebecca for being the support we needed through a gruelling yet amazing birth! You are amazing! 

-Kelsey Meha

Where to begin? When I got pregnant with baby #2 my dream was an all natural birthing experience. My first child was born via c-section due to breech presentation. I had been doing research on the different birthing techniques and the word DOULA popped up, I had never heard of a doula before. The more I read, the more I thought "I need one of those!" I came across this page filled with a beautiful story about a humming bird. I contacted Rebecca, and I just knew she was the one! My soul connected with her aura from the start. The first time she met me she listened, she CARED. When the time got closer for my baby to enter the world, Rebecca was there for me, I felt closer to her than my doctor and I needed that trust! The day came to have my baby, It wasn't starting off as planned, the baby wasn't passing the NST's and they sent me for an induction. I thought the world had ended because that was an intervention I didn't want. Rebecca was by my side so fast! I breathed a sigh of relief when she arrived. As the evening went on I was being pushed so hard to be given pitocin, even tho, after they had broken my water, I was contracting. Rebecca let me know that I didn't have to let them boss me around lol. Since the baby hadn't been doing great that day, we opted for pitocin. What happened was fast and I was now having unbearable contractions back to back! Rebecca showed my husband what to do through the pain. Things were just not going my way and we decided an epidural was best. I assumed that once I got the epidural, that Rebecca would leave because I wasn't needing help with contractions, but no, this amazing woman stayed by my side, she made me feel at peace with every decision I had made, I didn't feel like I let anyone down. I ended up having a rough birth, but she was there and has also been here for me post partum. The day I hired her to be my duala, I gained an amazing friend.

-Tori and Bailey Bown

I not only had Rebecca as my doula, I had the opportuinity to take a Birthing from Within Class from her, as well. 
She is very knolwedgable about birth and is such a calming influence. 

While this was my 4th birth and I knew what I was doing, I loved having her peaceful presence there. She brought strength to my birthing atmosphere and reminded me to keep my breath low. She fed me soup aftwerwards whie I was nursing baby and helped me get to the toilet and into the shower. 

I loved having her support at this birth and wish I could have had her at my others!

I highly recommend her! 

-Kjell Crowe

My husband and I had the pleasure of attending Rebecca's Birthing from Within class during the last part of my pregnancy. I loved the calm and inspiring demeanor she has, and the reverence she inspires for the journey of birth. She helped me understand ideas that I hadn't understood before, and helped me to feel calm in the face of worries that I had about possibly having to repeat some of the same experiences I had with my first birth. As it turned out, this birth was completely different from my first. It went so fast, I hardly knew what hit me! But
I can tell you that my husband and I felt a huge sense of relief when Rebecca walked through the door. We appreciated the emotional and physical strength she provided through that last hour of intense labor.
I'm glad she was there!

-Marie Haws

I am so glad I had the chance to work with Rebecca. She is so kind and really cares about her clients. She was extremely supportive and understanding and helped me and my husband feel so comfortable during my labor. She has a way of bringing positivity and peace with her and helped keep us very calm, especially during the most difficult part of my labor. Being a mother of four herself and her level of experience allowed her to understand and respond to what I needed quickly and truly made the entire labor and delivery experience very positive for me. She brought with her so much positivity and kindness that helped lighten the mood of the room and kept me very calm and relaxed the entire time. As a first time mom, I had goals for my labor and delivery and I honestly think that if Rebecca were not there, I wouldn't have achieved them. Her support and advice helped immensely! I couldn't recommend her enough and I'm so grateful that she was there! 

-Becca Thayne

Rebecca Cate Madsen has been nothing but exceptional from the first time I met her on through pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum care. She is completely inspiring both as a mother and as an all-around person of excellence. During the birth of my son, Rebecca helped my husband and I feel empowered, safe, and embodied with love by using her skills and unique beautiful personality to help accomplish a beautiful delivery. I remember distinctly feeling so pampered by her tender touch and helped with her encouraging words through transition. Rebecca Cate will foreverly be my first choice as an amazing doula and upcoming midwife, and I have no doubt that she will be a complete blessing to anyone else who is privileged enough to work with her.

-Tiffany Covington

Rebecca is one of the most kind and sincere people I know. She has a way of bringing peace and calm to high stress situations and brings a level of serenity into the room. I was an extreme case, and she helped bring the tension in the room down to quiet and soft tones. Which is just what
I needed, as my blood pressure skyrocketed, and I was burning up from the magnesium I was given. She repeatedly brought cool cloths and spoke words of encouragement throughout.  The doctors and nurses were on high alert and she seemed to help them as well.  I was grateful for her guidance and tools as I was preparing to bring my little one into the world. Her experience is invaluable, having four children of her own. I not only admire her as a doula but as a graceful woman with power and strength to share. I highly recommend Rebecca as a coach and mentor through your own journey. She is the very BEST! I wish you well, and hope you are able to choose the path that will bring you peace and confidence in your own "love story" of bringing your baby into the world. 

-Gwen Sorensen

I LOVED Rebecca!  I was already pleased to have my sister as my midwife, but then with Rebecca there too I felt completely safe and ready to go. I felt Rebecca's presence to be very confident and assuring, two things you're definitely looking for when in labor! She wasn't only stable in that way either, she was also very flexible and meek. She had such a fantastic ability to empower what may come and go with it. I truly felt blessed beyond my needs like I was receiving a royal status to have the presence of both my sister and Rebecca; Angels! No question. I was truly empowered by Rebecca's abilities at my birth and I told my sister I REALLY liked having her there. :)))

-Monique Gafa

I loved my Birthing From Within class with Rebecca! She has a wonderful quality to make all who attend her class (including husbands) feel comfortable! I left better prepared for my upcoming delivery! You can truly see her passion for empowering women during pregnancy, labor, and motherhood as she shares her knowledge!

-Haley Pruitt