Hummingbird Birth Company

Doula and Childbirth Educator



A doula's primary concern is the birthing person. They work together with the birthing family to learn of their desires and wishes. At the birth the doula supports the birthing family emotionally, physically, and spiritually. The data suggests better outcomes for people who hire a doula compared to those who don't. However, one of the most important aspect for the mother is she is heard and listened to during her birth.

I wanted to become a doula because I wish I had a doula for my births. For me being a doula is rewarding because I find it a privilege to assist in the process for the birthing woman to find her own power and use that in her birth. Also, holding the space for a woman to birth her baby is a beautiful experience. I love being a Utah doula.

I serve families in Utah county, Juab county, and Sanpete county


Some of the things we will be covering in class include but are not limited to:

  • Pain coping techniques practiced
  • Evidence based birth topics discussed
  • Creatively exploring the birth expereince in meaningful and unique ways
  • Birth art
  • Explore seeing birth as a rite of passage
  • Learn to be present in your birth no matter the circumstances

I am happy to to private or group classes.
Call to register 801-318-5622